RMI TRUCK – the technical information system for commercial vehicle professionals

Technical repairs and maintenance information

The RMI database provides you with technical data and information about the repair and maintenance of around 9,000 commercial vehicles. All values and data correspond to the original information from the manufacturer and are continually updated. RMI TRUCK helps the user, among other things, with vehicle-specific worklists, service times specified by the manufacturer, and information about the spare parts required. Maintenance-specific data such as fill quantities and oil specifications are allocated to the respective service. Important information about repairs such as toothed belt replacement or resetting the service interval display can be shown as repair instructions. The repair time can be calculated for all service tasks, and all necessary combined-operation work is automatically taken into account.

Who is RMI TRUCK suitable for?

Technical repair and maintenance information is suitable in particular for fleet managers who want to repair their vehicles themselves as well as concept-linked workshops. The system enables every qualified workshop to carry out service tasks based on manufacturer specifications and stand out as a competent partner for their customers.

The most important functions at a glance

Repair and setting values

Fill quantities, operating materials incl. specifications, undercarriage data, torque change intervals, etc.

TSB Technical Service Bulletins, recalls and change service

Manufacturer-internal (TSB) messages as well as official OE service messages and recalls, incl. current changes by the vehicle manufacturers

Maintenance intervals

OE-compliant maintenance schedules with all necessary instructions as well as the required information on spare parts (spare parts package set-up)

Measured values for diagnosis

Targeted measured values for the diagnosis of engine components

Repair instructions

Instructions for assembly and repair in text and images

Standard working hours

Standard values for the required repair and maintenance work in accordance with OE specifications incl. information on all required spare parts (spare parts package set-up).

Wheels and tires

Information for the approved wheel and tire combination, tire pressure control system (TPCS), undercarriage settings, tire pressure, etc.

Electronic components

Information on fuses and relays, the location of components in the engine compartment, battery and energy management, error identification by means of fault codes

Circuit diagrams

Circuit diagrams for the engine, air conditioning, ABS and comfort systems

Filter options

Enables the vehicle search by means of the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) Enables the targeted selection of components with the help of a graphical representation

Request a trial version now

If you want to test RMI TRUCK for free, contact your winkler technical specialist. The trial version is valid for 14 days. Once this period of trial access elapses, there is no automatic contractual commitment. Your winkler technical specialist is available at any time to answer your questions about follow-up contract processing.

Contract information

You can download the contract and the terms and conditions of use as a PDF here. Once the contract has been concluded, you will be notified in writing about the activation of RMI TRUCK. No additional login data or passwords are required. You will receive an annual invoice for the total amount of EUR 750 after conclusion of the contract.