Order no. 611 004 268 00

Orbital motor, OMPX 160, 155,7cm³/r

The operating principle of the motor is based on an internal gearbox consisting of a fixed toothed ring with internal teeth and a gearwheel meshing with it, through which the output torque and speed are transmitted. The distributor valve is driven synchronously with the gear set so that the filling and emptying of the individual chambers of the engine takes place precisely - without losses. The drum valve is part of the output shaft. The cardan shaft transmits the mechanical energy from the gear set to the output shaft.

Weight (kg)6.756
Power (kW)11.2
Operating pressure (bar)160
Max. torque (Nm)335
Max. revolution (rpm)385
Max. pressure (bar)200
Displacement (cm³/r)155.7
ø shaft/hub (mm)25
Standard drive DIN6885
Material housingcast steel
TypeOMPX 160
Max. oil flow (l/min)60
Specification drivecylindrical shaft with feather key thread internal
Optional equipment valvecheck valve
Oil connection A (inches)1/2 internal thread
Oil connection B (inches)1/2 internal thread
Leakage oil connection (inches)1/4 internal thread
Assembly flange drive2-hole oval (A2) M 12
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